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debian repository

tags: ring0, debian 2010-05-12 14:24 by sre

I just switched my Debian repository software and location. Now reprepro is used, so I can easily provide the Release file gpg signed. Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://pkg.ring0.de/debian unstable main

and add the repository’s key to apt:

sre@mars ~ % curl "http://pkg.ring0.de/debian/key.gpg" | sudo apt-key add -

last but not least run apt-get/aptitude update. I’m currently migrating the packages from the old repository to the new one. New and updated packages will follow later.

google summer of code 2010

tags: gsoc 2010-04-27 20:23 by sre

I just checked the list of accepted projects for google summer of code (1025). Here is the list of those projects, which are interesting in my humble opinion:

vala 0.8

tags: vala 2010-04-05 14:32 by sre

Vala 0.8 has been released on March 31th. Apart from the usual added bindings there are the following really awesome features:

chained relational expressions

void main(string[] argv) {
	var number = argv[1].to_int();
	message("number: %d", number);

	if(1 < number < 10)
		message("number is between 1 and 10");

regular expression literals

void main(string[] argv) {
	string msg = argv[1];
	message("msg: %s", msg);

		message("string matches foo.*bar");

Support of in for arrays

void main(string[] argv) {
	if("--help" in argv)
		message("You can't be helped!");

dova profile

This is kind of secret (note: it has not been announced with the release). You can use the dova profile instead of the glib profile. The leightweight glib alternative can be enabled with “–profile=dova”, but it’s still in heavy development and lots of stuff won’t work. You can find out more about dova on gitorious.

Update (2015-12-27)

Project is most likely dead some information about it can still be found on Gnome.